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(Vol 33, No 1) March 2012
(Vol 32, No 2) June 2012
(Vol 33, No 3) September 2012  
(Vol 33, No 4) December 2012  
March 2012 (Vol 33, No 1)

Araucaria Regeneration Adequate
Biomass Effects of Selective Logging in Gabon
Brazilian Cellulose Potential
Carbon Budget for China
Continuing Importance of Bushmeat
Current Amazon Reforestation Situation
Effect of Logging on Genetic Diversity
Eucalyptus Produces Less Biomass Than Grass But Costs Less
Eucalyptus Wood Analysis
Fire and Post-Fire Salvage Effects on Water in Australia
Gliricidia Among Fruit Trees
Indigenous Conservation in Bolivia
Low-Abundance Tree Sampling
Manual Cleaning Brings Mahogany Through in Bolivia
Meetings and Courses
Melastomes Important for Birds
Mycorrhizae Associated with Eucalyptus
Native Vegetation Recovery in Brazil
Non-Destructive Extraction of Medicinal Plants In India
Planting, Its Value
Post-Logging Thinning Beneficial in Central Africa
Rain Forest Recovery in China
Rubber Tree Heritability
Spacing Influence on Pinus taeda
Synopsis of the Career of Professor J. Burley
Teak Wood Segregation
Teak Wood Segregation
To the Editor
Tropical Forestry Loses Unsung Pioneer
Understory Birds in Secondary Forests
Understory Birds in Secondary Forests

June 2012 (Vol 33, No 2)

Adequacy of woody biomass
Allowable cut not degrading
Better growth near gaps in Kalimantan
Boards from rapid-growing species in Indonesia
Book review:
Brazilian forest code under review
Browsing Control in Eucalyptus Plantations
Carapa seeds as an associated crop
CCA Effective on Eucalyptus
Charcoal shift to plantations
Cunninghamia suited for improvement
Economics of Eucalyptus Thinning
Eucalyptus pulpwood variation in China
Experience with Bangladesh logging ban
Free Publications
Grevillea as a nurse crop
Grevillea attracts natural reproduction
Initial pine spacing for products
Leafcutters active after fire

Line planting in secondary forest
Local use of timber species in Brazil
Logging and Brazil nuts
Logging and prospective P deficiency in Borneo
Meetings and Courses
Mixed plantations for pest control in Ghana
Multiple use update
Orangutan impacts
Particle board from tropical wood waste
Reserves, Strictly Protected or Sustainable Use In Amazonia
Sustainability of Non-Timber in India
The continued utility of RIL
Thinning and Pruning Interact with Eucalyptus
Tropical timbers imported to China

September 2012 (Vol 33, No 3)

45 Years of Service to the Forestry Sector
Bamboo Mold Control
Book Review
Butterflies Have Forest Site preferences in Borneo
Cardamom Agroforestry
CATIE Seed Bank celebrates its anniversary
Communities vs. Protection in Ghana
Diffuse Response to Gaps in Bolivia
Diverse nutrient response in secondary
Dry Mangroves in Venezuela
Eucalyptus and Biodiversity
Eucalyptus Crown Dimensions
Foreseen Conservation Costs in Madagascar
Forest Succession Affected by Leaf-Cutters
Grevillea as a Nurse Crop
Guaiacum Regeneration Not Critical in Campeche
Gum Arabic Production in Cameroon
Illegal Logging in Ghana
Ingenious Planting in the Cameroon
Leaf-Cutters Feed Some Trees
Leucaena for Biomass
Local People vs. Timber Concessions
Meetings and Courses
More timber prospects in cutovers
Nanocellulose Considered Promising
Neem Against Termites
Post-Logging Tree Regeneration
Pruning vs. Growth and Occlusion
Seasoning of Eucalyptus Wood
Silvopastoral Prosopis
Sustaining Conservation Values
Synopsis of the Career of Dr. Frank Wadsworth
Tropical Tree Rings Reviewed
Tropical Tree Shade and Cattle
Variation in Eucalyptus Wood

December 2012 (Vol 33, No 4)

A Synopsis of the Career of Dr. Don Koo Lee
Bird returns to restoring forests
Birds and trees remember logging
Bushmeat significance
Decentralization in Bolivia
Enhanced growth through rainwater harvesting
False rings in teak wood
Forest succession in Parana
Indonesian plantation deterrents
Locust herbivory in mangrove
Logging effects in French Guiana
Logging openings for teak
Management competes with deforestation
Meetings and Courses
Monocultures versus mixed
More research relevance
Non-timber products in Sub-Sahara
NTFP for teaching
NTFP’s for African women’s empowerment
Opportunities for women
Parrotta IUFRO report on REDD+
Pine litter invasion
Pine yield over cerrado soil
Pioneer species requirements
Post-logging forest return in Venezuela
Pre-disturbance of tropical forests
Regional variation in Gmelina
Revegetation of caatinga
Rubberwood plywood
Seed selection for direct seeding
Taxation of tropical forests
Thinning effects on Pinus canariensis
Tree age estimation
March 2013 (Vol. 34, No. 1)
Conservation Needs of PNG
Constant Growth with Altitude
Dry Forest Fragments Persist
Fire Effects in the Amazon
Flora of China
Harvesting effects on Terra Firme
Key to REDD+ objectives
Liana Recovery
Logging Effects on Seed and Bird Size
Manilkara Growth After RIL
Marketing Effects of Reduced Impact
Meetings and Courses
NWFP for Poverty Alleviation
Plywood From Tropical Pine and Eucalyptus
Post RIL in Brazil
Prehistoric Amazonia
REDD+ Reforestation Guidance
Rubberwood Protection
Sanding Eucalyptus Wood
Seed Dispersal Importance
Seed Storage Promotes Species Coexistence
Silviculture for Conservation
Structural Utility of Plantation Species
Subtropical Southwest China
Timber trend
Traditional Forest Knowledge
Weaver on Luquillo