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News Notes by Tom Gill


ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

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(Vol 30, No 1) March 2009
(Vol 30, No 2) June 2009
(Vol 30, No 3) September 2009  
(Vol 30, No 4) December 2009  
March 2009 (Vol 30, No 1)

Amazon Wood Density Recalculated
Bird Species Remaining in Forested Strips
Causes of Deforestation in the Amazon, 2000–2005
Climate Modifies Gmelina Wood Properties
Commercial Culture of B. vulgaris
Complexity of Plantation Water Management
Costs to Avoid Amazon Deforestation
Effects of Different Logging Intensities
Employment Opportunity: Forestry Manager
Eucalyptus Clones Produced through Root Cuttings
Forest Fragment Size and Connectivity
Genetic Variation in Bahamensis
High Eucalyptus Genetic Gains
Hydraulic effects of Eucalyptus spacing
Industrial Concession Experience
Is it just Light, or Soil?
Khaya Rooting Success Found in Ghana
Logging Impacts on Four Trees of the Amazon
Meetings and Courses
Multiple-use Has Diverse Conservation Values
New Conservation Strategies Foreseen
New Directory of Grant Makersfor Funding in Tropical Forestry
A Review of Palcazú
RIL and Carbon Losses
RIL Recovery Better in Misiones
RIL Status in Central Africa
Riparian Forest Value for Amazon Wildlife
Second World Congress of Agroforestry
Shrinkage in Juvenile Radiata
Simulated Fate of Timber Speciesin the Amazon
Sustainable MedicinalPlant Harvesting in Suriname
Tabebuia Seen in Decline in Amazonia
Tropical forest silviculture lives!
The Utility of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Water Economy of Savanna Species
Wood density related to forest age
What Is All this REDD?

June 2009 (Vol 30, No 2)

Alfred John Leslie (1921—2009)
Acacia Alley Cropping for Northern Sudan
Biofuels and Climate Change?
Brazilnut Appears Intolerant
Consequences of Clear-cutting Riparians
Forest Management Proposed for Ecological Communities
Effects of Logging Intensity on Seed Bearers
Camaldulensis Oil a Termite Repellent
Consequences of Clear-cutting Riparians
Have We the Water for Biofuels?
Growth Comparison of Igapó and Várzea
Harvesting Soil Disturbance Affects Radiata
Harvesting Soil Disturbance Affects Radiata
Liana Load Affects Seed Production
Litter Varies with Legume
Mahogany Wood Quality in Martinique
Mangium Found Suitable for Pulp Products
Mangrove Tsunami Protection Worth More than Wood
Mata Atlântica Hotspots
Measuring Buttressed Growth
Minutes of ISTF’s 2009 Annual Membership Meeting
Modified Lifespan Relates to Tree Growth
Meetings & Courses
The Need for Teak Pricing
Plantation Wood Production Seen Increasing
Radiata Breeding Progress in New Zealand
Rainforest Flowering and Fruiting
RIL Profitable “Without Land”
Silviculture Effects on Water and Nutrients
Spacing-Sapwood Relation in Eucalyptus


September 2009 (Vol 30, No 3)

Acacia Genetic Gain in Vietnam
Agroforestry with Cordia alliodora in Costa Rica
Araucaria Monoculture Found Biodiverse
Bambusetum for the Philippines
Bottom-up Competition for Light
Brazil’s Policy Changes Reviewed
Carbon Storage of Teak Evaluated
Chrysophyllum harvesting frequency recommended
CIFOR Bids for Climate Research Leadership
Cordia alliodora Invasion Described in Tanzania
Decentralization Experience in Indonesia
Deforestation Related to Protected Areas
Effects of Seed Tree Retention
Eucalyptus Clone Gains Reported
Fire Favors Broadleafs in the Dominican Republic
Forest Carbon Sink Growing
Forest Ecosystem Services Reviewed
Forest Policy Evaluation Difficulties
Fragments Found Biodiverse in Mexico
From Reserves to Biodiversity
The Importance of Trees Outside of Forests in India
Incentives to Sustain Ecosystem Services Reviewed
Koa Monograph Available
The Little REDD+ Book Available
Mangroves Add Recreational Values
Meetings and Courses
Mixed RIL Effects on Birds in the Tapajos
New Climate Protocol in Prospect
Participatory Management Requirement in Malaysia
Pine Climate Change Options Predicted
Pinus chiapensis Promoted
Private Sawlogs from Uganda
Prosopis Varies within the Sahel
Radial Difference in Eucalyptus Wood
Rain Forest Herbivory and Decomposability Compared
Seed Germination Successionally Oriented
Status of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Teak Clone Gains Cited
Timber and Non-timber Management
Timber Tariff Barriers Summarized
Timber Theft Reviewed
Useful Laguncularia Growth Rings Reported
Weed Constraints on Young Eucalyptus Measured
Wood Products Share Coffee Production

December 2009 (Vol 30, No 4)

ANR Being Led in the Philippines
Brazil Nuts Survive Harvesting
Climate Change, in Forestry Practice? Editorial
Coffee/Mahogany Agroforestry Clinic in Peru
Community Value of Mushrooms
Community Wildlife Management in Zimbabwe
Compartment Hunting in the Cameroon
The Congress in Buenos Aires
Debt Swaps for Tropical Forest Conservation
Direct Sowing for Riparian Restoration
Ecologists Approach Silviculture
Farmer Response to Silvopastures in Colombia
Fertilizer Effects on Pinus radiata Stems
Forestry Education in Africa
Forests Support Honey Bees
Incorporation of “Intangible” Forest Values
Indian Agroforestry and How to Improve the Contributions of Foresters
Initial Liming of Eucalyptus Beneficial
ITTO 2008: How are the World’s Tropical Forests?
Logging Concessions Can Extend Conservation
Meetings and Courses
Neotropical Dry Forest Update
Nutrient Effects of Thinning
Participation Not Necessarily Poverty Alleviation
Participation Requires Incentives
Poverty Survives Community Forestry
Reforestation Along the Panama Canal
Seed Dispersal by Birds and Bats
Teak Seed Dormancy Reduced
Tree Rhythms Reviewed
We Might Miss the Elephants
Women in Community Forestry
Wood Residue Use Increasing

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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