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News Notes by Tom Gill


ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

(Vol 29, No 1) March 2008
(Vol 29, No 2) June 2008
(Vol 29, No 3) September 2008  
(Vol 29, No 4) December 2008  

March 2008 (Vol 28, No 1)

  • Bird Species Richness Returnsin 15-year-old Secondary Forest
  • Brazil Nut Harvest Analyses
  • Brazilian Sludge Stimulates Eucalyptus
  • Caribbean Pine Thinning Effects on Progeny
  • China’s Household Forests
  • Community Forestry Focuseson Poverty in Nepal
  • Compatible Land Uses in Yucatan
  • Costa Rica’s Services Payment Program
  • Exotic Bird Role found in Hawaii
  • Historic Rain Forest Fires Reported
  • Historic Rain Forest Fires Reported
  • Insect Indicator of Sustainability
  • Meetings & Courses
  • More on Brazil Nut Production
  • Plantations Stimulate Adjacent Reforestation
  • A Proposal to Produce “bacuri”
  • Publications
  • Recent News from CATIE
  • Recreation Impacts in Australia
  • RIL Logging Effects in Brazil
  • Rooting of Pinus taeda
  • Small Holders Seen asUnlikely to Intensify beyond RIL
  • The Future of Forests in Asia and the Pacific
  • Transdisciplinarity Foreseen
  • Watershed Payment Prospects in the Caribbean

June 2008 (Vol 29, No 2)

  • Bali and Deforestation
  • Boabab, the World’s Oldest Angiosperm?
  • Carbon Sequestration Proposed for Cameroon
  • Forest Rehabilitation in Vietnam
  • Forest Tenure in South and Southeast Asia
  • Honorary Doctorate Award to Jeff Burley by CATIE
  • Insecure Property Rights Lead to Deforestation
  • International Society of Tropical Foresters Minutes of ISTF’s 2008 Annual Membership Meeting
  • ISTF/IFWG Panel in November
  • Lessons from the Philippines
  • Mahogany Trials in Harvesting Gaps
  • Mangium Acidifies Soil
  • Meetings & Courses
  • Miombo Carbon Storage in Mozambique
  • The North American Forest Commission Meets
  • Progress in Teak Propagation
  • Publications
  • Smithsonian Official and Longtime ISTF Member Mourned
  • TFK Needs Research Support
  • Toward Sustainability
  • Trends of Forest Tenure in Africa
  • US/Costa Rica Forest Debt Swap
  • What is our criterion?

September 2008 (Vol 29, No 3)

  • Africa’s Forestry and Wildlife Efforts Stimulated
  • African Mahogany Susceptibility
  • Agroforestry Seen as Biodiversity Refuge
  • Araucaria Plantations Found Genetically Diverse
  • Bamboo Competing in Wood Market
  • Bird Population Impacts of RIL in Bolivia
  • Brazilian Forestry Sector Summarized
  • Chainsaw Milling, a Growing Technique
  • Community Forestry Progress and Needs Described
  • Compared in Ghana
  • Drought Tolerance Characteristics Exposed
  • Editorial: Is it really forests or water?
  • FAO Global Forest Inventory Looms
  • Forest Fragmentation Reduces Herbivory in Brazil
  • Forest Planting Continues
  • Ghana Logging Enhances Reproduction
  • Honorary Degree for P. K. Nair
  • ISTF/IFWG Panel in November
  • Laws and Forests of Honduras
  • Logging Effects Simulated
  • Logging Stimulates Tree Recruitment
  • Mahogany and Cedar Fail in
  • Mahogany Heartwood Keeps Increasing in Puerto Rico
  • Meetings & Courses
  • Member Recruitment
  • Mixed Plantations Serve Bird
  • New Forest Stewardship Council Executive Director
  • Note to ISTF members!
  • Our Roots
  • Peace Corps Joins with Universities
  • Publications
  • Rhizophora Growth Measured in Kenya
  • The Rio Branco Declaration
  • Riparian Trees Dependent on Fish
  • The Riparian Zone, How Wide?
  • Rooted Stem Cuttings of Shorea Successful
  • Secondary Forest Ant Recovery Slow in Brazil
  • Seed Distribution Reduced by Selective Cutting
  • Shade Reduced Hypsipyla on Khaya
  • Small Gaps in Mexico
  • Successive Yield Decline Responds to PK
  • The How Come of Wadsworth
  • Timber/Wildlife Management in Australia
  • Undersampling of Rainforest Characteristics Indicated

December 2008 (Vol 29, No 4)


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News Notes by Tom Gill

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