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News Notes by Tom Gill


ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

(Vol 27, No 1) March 2006
(Vol 27, No 2) June 2006
(Vol 27, No 3) September 2006  
(Vol 27, No 4) December 2006  

March 2006 (Vol 27, No 1)

• Addressing Illegal Logging and More: The first Comprehensive Study
• Bangkok Chapter, ISTF
• Biomass Fuel Market in View
• Biosphere Reserve Management in Guatemala
• Book Review
• Book Review
• Development in Teak Plantations
• FAO Reviews RIL Literature
• Fire Effects Studied in Detail
• Forest Landscape Restoration Presented as New
• Forest-Water Benefits Overrated
• IITO Seeks New Mandate
• ISTF Member Conway Awarded
• IUFRO News, Volume 34, Issue 10/2005
• Mahogany Management at SPFEQR Described
• Mahogany Regeneration in Belize
• Mangium Used as a Nurse
• Meetings and Courses
• More on Biodiesel
• Plantation Impacts on Stream Flow Reviewed
• President’s Corner
• Publications
• Thinning and Fertilizing of Pine Studied
• Trade Data Discrepancies Probed
• World Bank 2005 Portfolio Reported

June 2006 (Vol 27, No 2)

• Anthony Gasbarro Honored
• Baobab Leaf Production Proposed
• Bird Survival of RIL Found Encouraging
• Book Review
• The Caribbean Forester
• Clearfell Size in Plantations under Study
• Complexities of Decentralization Described
• Constraints to Intensive Plantation Culture
• Economical Poverty Reduction Proposed
• Firewood Health Effects Assessed in Guatemala
• Forest Forum Sets Global Objectives
• Forest Litter Importance Quantified
• Forest/Water Relations Reviewed
• International Society of Tropical Foresters, Minutes of ISTF’s 2006 Annual Membership Meeting
• Mahogany Management at Noh Bec Described
• Management Rules in Benin Reported
• Mangium Mistletoe Appears in Tanzania
• Meetings and Courses
• Model Forest Certified in the Amazon
• New Zealanders Look at Wood as a Major Energy Source
• Nonwood Product Potential Reviewed
• Oscar Fugalli
• Plantation Impacts on Poverty Described
• Poverty Reduction Foreseen in Protected Areas
• Poverty Relief Options Explored
• Pre-logging Faunal Inventory Simplified
• The President’s Corner
• Publications
• The Rediscovery of Bracatinga
• Report on the 21st Asia-Pacific Commission Meeting — 2006
• Soil and Mycorrhiza Described
• Successional Tree Recruitment Assessed
• Ten Years of Restoration Reported
• Trade Relations to Management Reviewed
• UN Assesses Millennium Goal Progress
• Unusual Education Seen for Sustainability
• US Takes Initiative Against Illegal Logging
• Varzea Management Studied

September 2006 (Vol 27, No 3)

• Better Management of Tropical Production Forests
• Biodiversity recognized as Too Narrow
• Brachystegia Ring Growth Analyzed
• Caribbean Foresters Review Fire Management
• COFO 2005
• Costa Rica’s Payment for Environmental Services Reviewed
• Craig D. Whitesell, 1924–2006
• Diverse Soil Resources Reported in Rondonia
• FAO Global Assessment Summarized
• Forestry future of Africa foreseen
• Forestry Investment Returns Compared
• Hope Seen for Tropical Species
• Imports by China
• Malaysian Mammals Persist In an article
• Management for Water in South Africa
• Meetings and Courses
• Notes from Matejcic
• Oliver Henry Knowles, 1929–2006
• Planting Density Affects Eucalyptus Wood
• Podocarpus Wood from Costa Rica
• President’s Corner
     o A Special Message
• Publications
• Secondary Forest Trees Found Useful
• Soil Nutrients Increase with Selective Logging
• Tapajós RIL Logging Reported
• Teak Fire Control Seen as Critical
• Tree Age Estimates Reported
• United States, Paraguay Sign Pact To Conserve Paraguay’s Forests: Grants Intended to Help Conserve and Restore Tropical Forest Resources
• Update on Mahogany
• Wood Density and Growth
• World’s Largest FSC Tropical Forest Certified in Guyana

December 2006 (Vol 27, No 4)

• Thirty Years of Forestry at ITCR
• The Aftermath of TFAP
• Asia-Pacific Forest Trends Summarized
• Brazil Fires Mostly in the South
• Certification Problems and Possibilities Described
• China Bamboo Increases
• China Impacts Described
• Complications of Decentralization Exposed
• Ed Towle: 1929–2006
• Flora Brasiliensis
• Forest Wealth Analyzed
• Government Contribution to Investments Seen
• Henry S. Kernan
• High Quality Wood Products
• Liberation Evidence Increasing
• Liberation Results in the Amazon
• Meetings and Courses
• More Decentralization Experience
• A New Master’s Course
• Paul J. Zinke 1920-2006
• Policy Problems in the Congo Basin
• Post-Kyoto Forestry Effects Seen
• President’s Corner
• Progress in Livelihood and Poverty Reduction in India
• Publications
• Restoration of Degraded Site Seen Slow
• Role of Intensively Managed Plantations Described
• Small-scale Plantations Promising Economically
• Thanks for the help!
• A Vision for World Forests: Results from the Council on Foreign Relations Study
• World Bank Report on Forest Carbon Finance
• World’s Largest FSC-certified Forest

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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