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News Notes by Tom Gill


ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

(Vol 26, No 1) March 2005
(Vol 26, No 2) June 2005
(Vol 26, No 3) September 2005  
(Vol 26, No 4) December 2005 -- not published yet  

March 2005 (Vol 26, No 1)

  • Burley at Edmonton

  • Corruption Quantified

  • Decentralization in Asia-Pacific Summarized

  • Forest Decline Studied

  • Janzen on Reserves

  • Life-cycle Assessment Supports Timber

  • Logging Conflicts with Communities Described

  • Mangroves Withstand Tsunami

  • Meetings and Courses

  • Need for International Forestry Education Described

  • Notes from Peru

  • Poverty Reduction Documented

  • President’s Corner

  • Publications

  • Record of Costa Rica Environmental Payment Revealed

  • Response to Mahogany Listing

  • Sudden Sawlog Study Completed

  • World Bank Recommendations

June 2005 (Vol 26, No 2)

  • Amazon Cutting Cycles Explored

  • Caribaea Wood Variation Studied

  • Central African Forest Cover Tabulated

  • Conflicts and Tropical Forests

  • Cuban Project on Website

  • Decentralization Experience Analyzed

  • Dipterocarp Regeneration in the Philippines

  • Ecological Monitoring Guide Forthcoming

  • Euterpe edulis

  • FAO's Forestry Commissions Summarized

  • Forest Science and Policy in the Americas

  • Full Participation for Women in Charcoal

  • Genetic Modification Prospects Assessed

  • Illegal Logging: A Book Review

  • Leasehold Forestry Consequences in Nepal

  • Logging in the Congo Reported

  • Market Seen for Environmental Services

  • Mahogany and CITES

  • Meetings and Courses

  • Minutes of ISTF's 2005 Annual Membership Meeting

  • Moabi, an Important Tree of Gabon

  • Number of Foresters Declining

  • Pine Wood Density Compared

  • Post-Logging Growth in the Amazon Analyzed

  • President's Corner

  • Publications

  • Research Future Seen

  • Reserve Location Needs a Purpose

  • Subtropical Growth Found Precipitation Governed

  • Workshop in Bangkok

September 2005 (Vol 26, No 3)

  • Asia Pacific Plantation Incentives Study

  • Awards

  • The Benefits of Plantations

  • Biodiesel--A New Forestry Crop?

  • Compensatory Plantations in Uganda

  • Do We Need a Global Convention?

  • Fuelwood Potential in French Guiana

  • Future Forest Needs Predicted

  • Growth and Yield: Indicators of Sustainability

  • Harvesting Compliance Assessed in the Amazon

  • IDB Debelops New Tools to Guide Forestry Investments

  • Inadequacies of Capacity Building in Guatemala

  • The Library Centenary at Oxford

  • Mangrove Harvesting Ban Lifted in Kenya

  • Meetings and Courses

  • Nobel Peace Laureate Urges Congo Basin Forest Conservation

  • Publications

  • Reserve Area is Ecologically Critical

  • RIL Impacts on Birds Studies

  • A Search for Excellence

  • Teak Diversity Noted

  • Trade Trends Summarized

  • Triplochiton, a Tree Meriting Attention

  • Várzea Flora and Structure Contrasted

December 2005 (Vol 26, No 4)

  • Issues Defined for Forest Tsunami Protection

  • Logging Effects on Wildlife in Borneo

  • Assessment of Certification Requested

  • Oscar Fugalli: 1922-2005

  • Jack Westoby's Legacy

  • Leaf Traits Related to Photosynthesis

  • Genetic Effects of Logging Reviewed

  • Woodcarving Documented in Ghana

  • Trends in Development Assistance

  • Publications

  • Book Reviews

  • Revised ITTO Criteria

  • ITTO Approves Funding for Second Phase in Guyana

  • Genetic Sustainability Challenges Outlined

  • Changes in Research Performance Foreseen

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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