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News Notes by Tom Gill

ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.


March 2004 (Volume 25, No 1)

June 2004 (Volume 25, No 2)

September 2004 (Volume 25, No 3)

December 2004 (Volume 25, No 4)


March 2004 (Volume 25, No 1)

  • Future Teak Quality Questioned

  • More Problem-Oriented Research Seen as a Need in Latin America

  • Cogeneration with Sawmill Residues Described

  • A Little History

  • Farewell and Thanks!

  • Protected Area Field Course

  • Surface Fire Effects Measured in Amazonia

  • 2003 ISTF Sustaining Members

  • Costa Rican Payment for Environment Described

  • Different Protected Areas Defined

  • ISTF Chapter in Nigeria

  • Available from ISTF: Unasylva 1947-2000

  • Plantation Nutrient Losses Assessed in South Africa

  • Celos in Brazilian Amazonia

  • RIL Benefits Relate to Harvesting Intensity

  • RILSIM: A Free Financial Analysis Software Package for Reduced-Impact Logging

  • Publications

  • Meetings & Courses

  • Seminars Offered

  • Pruning of Eucalypts Foreseen in Australia

  • Diversity Jeopardy Rated

  • Deglupta Compatible with Coffee

  • Community Forestry Progression In Nepal

  • Prospect for Making Forestry Pay

  • MUS at Pasoh 41 Years After

  • Overstory Tree Species Affect Regeneration in Panama

  • Maximum Ages in Humid Forest Studies

June 2004 (Volume 25, No 2)
  • Appendix II Hits Mahogany
  • Bat Contribution Assessed
  • CAMCORE Continues
  • Dominican Republic Reserves Cited
  • Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences
  • Fragmentation Effects on Live Birds Studies in Africa
  • FSC Impact Seen in Brazil
  • Globalization Effects Described
  • Illegal Logging Review Appears
  • Logging Banned in Java
  • Mahogany Occurrence Studied in Amazonia
  • Mahogany Regeneration Techniques Compared
  • Meetings & Courses
  • A Mexican Critique
  • Minutes of ISTF's 2004 Annual Membership Meeting
  • Palm Fruits and Hearts Important in Amazonia
  • Plantations Restore Diversity
  • President's Corner
  • Publications
  • Queen's Award for Forestry
  • Recipe Proposed for LUS
  • Richard Vlosky Elected as Chair of Team of Specialists
  • Secondary School Attitudes Assessed
  • Trend toward Forest Poor is Seen
  • World Bank 2003 Overview
  • World Forest Institute (WFI) International Fellowship Program
September 2004 (Volume 25, No 3)
  • African Forestry and Wildlife Commission
  • Agroforestry Environmental Services Analyzed
  • Can Carbon Payments Improve Tropical Forest Management?
  • Dr. Elbert L. Little Jr., 1907-2004
  • Editorial: Could It Really Be Just Apathy?
  • Empowerment Experience in India
  • Eucalyptus Fertilization Required
  • Extraction of Palmito in Bolivia Sustainable
  • Final Congress Statements
  • Focus on Governance
  • Fragmentation Effects on Live Birds Studied in Africa
  • Fuelwood Situation Restudied
  • Jamaica’s Local Forest Management Committees
  • Meetings and Courses
  • New Officers
  • New Woods Appear in Asia
  • Okoume Natural Regeneration Increased
  • Planation Teak Quality Addressed
  • Positions Wanted
  • President’s Corner
  • Publications
  • Review of 1st World Agroforestry Congress
  • RIL Progress in Brazil Reported
  • Timber Felling Damage to Cacao Assessed
  • Timber Trade Summarized
  • UN Forum on Forests
  • Who We Are, and Are Not
  • World Bank and the Congo Forests
December 2004 (Volume 25, No 4)
  • Amazonian Forests (Bois et Forêts)

  • Balsa Seed Dormancy Broken

  • Central Africa Management Described

  • CITES Adds Ramin to List

  • Eucalyptus Rotations Compared

  • Forest Use Diversification Evaluated

  • Fuelwood: Crisis or Calm?

  • Ghana: Integrating Forest-Fringe Communities into Forest Conservation and Management

  • Gmelina Succeeds in Costa Rica

  • Imported Wood showcases Applications, Sources and Trends

  • Industrial Situation in the Cameroon

  • Mahogany Growth Reported

  • Marketing of Wood Products in Honduras

  • Meetings and Courses

  • NTFP vs. Timber?

  • President’s Corner

  • Progress Toward Sustainability

  • Publications

  • Role of Teak Described

  • Savannas Water Relations Studied

  • Soil Affects Kraft Quality

  • Standards of SFM Reviewed

  • Status of Non-wood Reported

  • Timber Harvest Compatible with Cacao

  • Trends in Asia/Pacific Reported

  • Water and Forests Reviewed

  • Women Benefitting from Agroforestry

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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