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News Notes by Tom Gill


ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

March 2002 (Vol 23, No 1)
June 2002 (Vol 23, No 2)
September 2002 (Vol 23, No 3)
December 2002 (Vol 23, No 4)

March 2002 (Vol 23, No 1)
• The Year of the Mountain, 2002
• Post-Kyoto Developments Reported
• Critical Ecosystem Partnership Supported
• New Director Generals for ICRAF and CIFOR
• Science-Based Decisions Outlined
• Biotechnology Role for Tropical Trees Seen
• Carbon Market for Forests Seen
• How Participatory is Environmental Management?
• Meliaceae IUFRO Working Party Formed
• Australia Explores Dense Wood Potentials
• World Bank Statistics of Interest
• Publications, Meetings and Courses
• Forest Gaps Studied in Guyana
• United Nations Forum on Forests
• French Guiana Forest Management Described
• Certification Impacts on Land Tenure Challenged in Indonesia
• World’s Forests Summarized
• Argentina’s Forest Plantations Inventoried
• International Seminar on Forest Administration and Management

June 2002 (Vol 23, No 2)

• South African Woodland Values Reviewed
• Clouds over OFI
• FAO Forestry in East and Southern Africa
• President’s Corner
• Charles C. Larson Obituary
• Asia-Pacific Logging Bans Assessed
• ITTO’s 2002-2006 Plan
Honorary Doctorate for P.K. Nair
• Youth Program Effective in Uganda
• Anibal Luna Comments on Articles by Kirkland
• Minutes of the ISTF 2001 Annual Membership Meeting
• Certification Reported from Bolivia
• New ISTF Chapter
• Certificate of Appreciation for Rodney Young
• Eucalyptus Effects on Surface Water Studied
• Publications, Meetings and Courses
• Unasylva CD-Rom Released
• Disempowerment Described in India
• IWPA Releases Directory
• Evans Awarded Honorary Membership
• Tourism Companies Compared
• Drought Effects Studied


September 2002 (Vol 23, No 3)

•World Bank Encourages Reimbursement for Environmental Services
•Vergara Reviews Agroforestry
•Water Benefits from Plantations Assessed
•TBI, a Major Contribution
•President’s Corner
Loss of T.C. Whitmore
•Yale ISTF Conference
•Mahogany Workshop
•Thoughtful Dissention
•DANIDA Concentrates on Teak and Under Utilized Species
•RIL and Sustainable Tropical Forest Management
•Request for Information
•Position Wanted
•Meetings and Courses
•Mining Site Rehabilitation Described
•FAO Continues Active in Asia Pacific
•TFF Expands into Guyana
•Persistence of Climber-Cutting Assessed
•Tropical Pines Tested for Particleboard
•ITTO Features Illegal Logging
•Philippines Bamboo Prospect Foreseen
•Eucalyptus Sawnwood Blocks Tested in Brazil

December 2002 (Vol 23, No 4)
  • Burley on Biological Diversity
  • World Bank's Annual Review
  • Wood Fuel in South Asia Here to Stay
  • XII World Congress Announced
  • Venezuelan Plantations Become Main Timber Source
  • TFF Expands into Guyana
  • Bornean Non-Timber Production Reported
  • 2002 ISTF Donors and Sustaining Members
  • Invasive Trees Impact Water in South Africa
  • Effects of Hunting and Fragmentation Studied
  • Research Effectiveness Promoted
  • Land Tenure Problems of Africa Reviewed
  • Eucalyptus Sawnwood Blocks Tested in Brazil
  • Peugeot Sponsors Carbon Sink in Brazil
  • ITTO Features Illegal Logging
  • ISTF Vice President Tejwani Recognized
  • Illegal Logging Control Approaches Outlined
  • Publications
  • Meetings and Courses
  • Mining Site Rehabilitation Described
  • DANIDA Concentrates on Teak and Under Utilized Species
  • Tropical Pines Tested for Particleboard
  • RIL Reduction in Damage Assessed
  • Progress Reported on GFIS
  • RIL Benefits Shown in the Amazon
  • Tropenbos Issues Key Elements of Its Strategic Plan to 2005
  • Hurricane Impacts on Mangrove Reported
  • Musings of Domingo Cozzo
  • New Forests Seed Program Announced


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News Notes by Tom Gill

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