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News Notes by Tom Gill


ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

March 2000 News (Volume 21, No 1)
June 2000 News (Volume 21, No 2)
September 2000 News (Volume 21, No 3)
December 2000 News (Volume 21, No 4)
March 2000 (Volume 21, No 1)

• Wadsworth Retires from the Forest Service
• World Commission Reports
• Argentina Reports 1992-1997 Planting
• Brazilian Amazon Tour
• Member Recruitment
• Status of Burttdavya nyasica (Rub.)
• Berkshire Institute at Greylock
• Minutes of ISTF’s 1999 Annual Membership Meeting
• Woodwell Relates Forests to Global Warming
• C. Hollis Murray 1930-1999
• The Environmental Value of Knowledge Assessed
• World Bank Trend Reported
• Park Threats Exposed
• Jaakko Poyry Reports on Certification
• Tropical Deforestation Causes Reviewed
• International Seminar on Forest Administration and Management
• World Bank Amazon Workshop a Success
• Plantation Summarized in Central America
• Publications
• Meetings and Courses
• Effects of Ground Fires Assessed
• Advantages of Bioenergy Listed
• Surinam Silviculture Proves Effective
• Finegan on Silviculture
• Book Review of “Reduced Impact Logging in the Tropical Rain Forest of Guyana”
• by P. vander Hout
• Stehle Responds
• Teak Prospects Reviewed
• Sustain the Gran Chaco is Seen to Require Assistance
• Student Research Grants
• Vanclay Quotes Dawkins


 June 2000 (Volume 21, No 2)

• World Bank Revised Forest Strategy & Implementation
• Leslie Looks Ahead
• Agroforestry Job Prospects in Asia
• Brazilian Amazon Tour
• Member Recruitment
• President’s Corner
• M.B. Dickerman 1912-2000
•A.S. Ouedraogo
• Report from USA CVP Robin Rose
• Bionomics of Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystems
• Conference by Yale University ISTF Chapter
• The WWF World Bank Alliance
• New Director Foresees ITTO Progress
• CABI-OFI Forestry Information Service Continues in a Precarious State
• QFRI Focuses on Short Rotation Hardwoods
• Contrasting Views on Fuelwood Energy
• Costa Rica’s Forest Returns
• Genetic Improvement of Teak Reported
• Forest Biomass Related to Amazon Soils
• Editorial Goofs
• Prosopis Impacts in India
• Publications
• Meetings and Courses
• Fire Effects Reported from Bolivia
• Ticoporo Increment Impressive
• A Request for a Felling Incentive System
• Second Fog Conference


September 2000 (Volume 21, No 3)

• Trends in Amazonia Described
• Logging Ban Effects Studies
• Looming Water Scarcity Quantified
• Member Recruitment
• Reduced Impact Logging Described
• Sarre Reviews Certification
• Bruenig Summarized His Views
• Forest Product Exports Summarized
• A Forum on Forests Appears
• Secondary Forest Management Tested
• New Biosphere Reserves
• CITES Mahogany Review
• Publications
• Meetings and Courses
• Keystone Plant Species Attributes Reviewed
• Pine Yields Compared in South Africa
• Hurricane Effects on Nutrient Loss Recorded
• Cedrela Lilloi Natural Regeneration Analyzed
• Eucalyptus Germplasm Conservation Reviewed
• PROMANEJO is Under Way
• TFF Logging Practices Applied
• National Definitions Sought


December 2000 (Volume 21, No 4)

• Slow Down in Deforestation
• Amazon Deforestation Rates Announced
• World Heritage Convention Supported
• Member Recruitment
• Unprecedented Fires in Bolivia
• IWPA Promotes Management and Certification
• World Bank Environmental Role Outlined
• Dickerman Donations
• Amazonian Secondary Forests Seen as Unreliable Sinks
• Nutrient Exportation by Eucalyptus Harvest Measured
• Asia-Pacific Criteria and Indicators Described
• Site of Programs of Tropenbos Impressive
• 2000 ISTF Sustaining Members
• A New Tropical Woody Vegetation Framework
• Teak Overview Presented
• Certification Development Described
• Effects of Fragmentation on Mammals Compared
• Forest Co-Management Experience Reviewed
• Is Certification Biological?
• Publications
• Meetings and Courses
• Litter Decay rates of Multipurpose Trees (MPTs)
• Bruenig Reports on Certification
• Tropical/Temperate Zone Log Nutrients Compared
• Invitation to Join IUFRO RG2.09.00
• Native Fragments Seen as Bird Habitat
• Seed Availability at CATIE
• Complexity of Monitoring Biodiversity Described
• More Technical Notes on Forest Seeds
• Conservation Incentives Analyzed               


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News Notes by Tom Gill

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