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News Notes by Tom Gill

ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

March 1999 (Vol 20, No 1)
June 1999 (Vol 20, No 2)
September 1999 (Vol 20, No 3)
December 1999 (Vol 20, No 4)
March 1999, (Vol 20, No 1)

• Multiple Partner Management in Africa
• Decline of Amazonian Forests Described
• Research in Mexico Described
• Bolivia Plans Management
• International Seminar on Forest Administration and Management
• Final Rule on Brazil’s Bigleaf Mahogany
• Minutes of ISTF’s 1998 Annual Membership Meeting
• 2nd Session of IFF
• Forestry Opportunities in the Kyoto Protocol on Climate
• Eucalyptus Worth More Than Teak?
• Portico’s Success Described
• Protection a Relative Word
• DFID Focuses Future Research Support
• No Forest Without Management
• Publications
• Meetings and Courses
• Charcoal for Libreville
• Carbon Sequestration a Positive Course
• Birds Survive Logging!
• FSC Certification Advancing
• Peace Corps Completes 37 Years
• Forestry and Poverty in China
• Technical Notes from CATIE
• Forest Resource Manager Position
• New Online Bibliography

June 1999 (Vol 20, No2)

• German Forestry Association
• Freezailah Departs ITTO
• Fellowship for Research
• Election of Directors
• Loret Miller Ruppe Scholarship
• The Living but Leaving Heritage
• Symposium by University of Michigan ISTF Chapter
• ISTF Email Change
• Meetings and Courses
• Publications
• Laarman’s Conclusions Prove Universal
• Gliricidia Agroforestry Benefits
• Wood and Plastic Compared
• Forestry Compendium Valuable Resource
• TROPIS Continues to Expand
• Secondary Forests Reviewed by CATIE
• Forest Role Ameliorating Climate
• Foliage-Sapwood Growth for Teak and Melina
• Greenhouse Gas Reviewed
• Low Impact Logging
• Passing of Two Foresters
• Tissue Culture of Bamboo
• Plantation Tectona and Khaya Wood Tested
• Seed Information Available for Caribbean
• Budowski Compares Natural Forests vs. Plantations
• More Technical Notes from CATIE
• Book Review on Managing Natural Forests
• Western Ghats Forest Monitored
• Vegetative Pawlownia Propagation
• Forest Certification Analyzed

September 1999 (Vol 20, No 3)

• Successful Agroforestry in Bangladesh
• Alley Cropping Effective in Benin
• Dryland Tree Use in India
• Trees, Water and People
• IFF III Session
• Leslie R. Holdridge, 1907-1999
• Temperate/Tropical Log Nutrients Compared
• Dykstra to World Forestry Center
• Plantation Sustainability Mulled
• Forest Most Needed on the Mountains
• Wildlife Management Outlook Assessed
• FLORES Gets Underway
• Competitive Limits of Agroforestry
• Highlights at OFI
• Book Review on Forest Plantations
• Gliricidia Fallow Recommended
• Diversity and Plot Size
• Rubber Plantations Compared to Forests
• Seed Biology Seen Critical
• Nursery Study Leads to Better Plantations
• Publications, Meetings and Courses
• Catalyzing Regeneration Featured
• Leucaena Substitution for Inorganic N
• Vegetative Pawlownia Propagation Advantageous
• Logging Contrasts on Diversity
• Palm Heart Potentially Important in Guyana
• CIFOR Reports on Shift to Oilpalm

December 1999 (Vol 20, No 4)

• XXXI IUFRO Congress 2000
• Decentralization Mulled in Philippines
• Silvicultural Effects Reviewed by CIRAD
• New Forests Project
• New Institute of Agroforestry
• Tree Seed Supplier
• Forest Futures: Population, Consumption and Wood Resources
• ISTF Student Chapter Activities at NCSU
• Exhibit by Oregon State University ISTF Chapter
• Brazilian Amazon Tour
• Lugo Addresses Mahogany Controversy
• Wood Substitution Reviewed
• Concern for NTFPs Described
• Hamilton Looks to Mountain Management
• Bruenig Defends Sustainability
• Ecological Effects of Logging Being Studied
• Holmes Reports Reduced RIL Costs
• Nickles Deservedly Honored
• Les Holdridge II
• Designing Logging Impacts
• Timber Produced Without Felling
• Teak Growth Modeled in Ghana
• Research Strategy Training
• UK Recording Forest Data
• CIFOR Releases C&I Tool Box
• MacArthur Notes Rising Demand for Sustainability
• Publications
• Meetings and Courses


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News Notes by Tom Gill

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