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News Notes by Tom Gill

ISTF News Headlines

-the following is a listing of articles that have appeared in the ISTF News.  If you are interested in a reprint of any article that we have published, please contact us at <>.  There may be a charge for non-members.

-Are you missing an edition of the ISTF News or ISTF Noticias that may have gone astray in the mail?  Please contact us with your new e-mail address.

March 1998 (Vol 19, No 1)
June 1998 (Vol 19, No 2)
September 1998 (Vol 19, No 3)
December 1998 (Vol 19, No. 4)

March 1998 ( Vol 19, No 1)

• ISTF Seeks Candidates for Board of Directors Election
• Brazilian Agroforestry Network
• New Plantation Forestry Book
• New Forests Project
• Recent FAO Appointments
• International Forestry Students Association
• Minutes of the 1997 ISTF Annual Meeting
• World Wildlife Fund/World Bank Partnership
• Laarman Addresses Latin America
• IUFRO to Identify Research Needs
• Moore Speaks for Forest Environment
• ITTO Tropical Forest Update
• Internet Access to CAB Offered
• Bruenig Reviews Two New Books
• Evan Receives OBE Award
• Model Forest Report Issued
• Contreras Reviews Corruption in Forests
• Regeneration Catalysis in Plantations
• African Forest Management
• Pulpwood Characterization of Eucalyptus
• Vine Cutting Before Logging
• Chinese Mangroves
• Bamboo: A Wood Substitute?
• Pine Nurse Crops in Sri Lanka
• Felling Cycle for East Cameroon
• Grevillea Compatible Overstory for Coffee
• Seed Characteristics in India
• Pinus keyiya Restores Degraded Land
• Kerfless Slicing of Wood
• Southern pine Beatle Guide Available in Spanish
• Listing of New Publications, Meetings, and Courses


June 1998 (Vol 19, No 2)

• Venezuela Exports Palmito
• Amazon Deforestation Rate
• Research Priority Setting in Africa
• Recognition for Precious Woods Ltd.
• Arnold Speaks to NGOs
• CATIE Prepares for 1999
• DFID Sharpens Research Focus (United Kingdom Dept. For International Development)
• Salleh Calls for Continued Technical Commitment
• Book Review: " Forest Production for Tropical America" by Frank H. Wadsworth, reviewed by J.L. Whitmore
• Book Review: "Evolution of Tropical Forestry: Puerto Rico and Beyond," an interview with Dr. Frank H. Wadsworth by Harold K. Steen, Forest History Society
• Book Review: "Manual of Malayan Silviculture for Inland Forest," by J. Wyatt-Smith, reviewed by Eberhard Bruenig
• Book Review: "Where Dwarfs Reign; a Tropical Rain Forest in Puerto Rico" by Kathryn Robinson, reviewed by Jacob L. Whitmore
• Jamieson Pursues Concepts of Sustainability
• Eucalyptus Hybrids to be Developed
• TROPIS Flourishes
• More on Neem
• Research Grants for Africa
• Compatibility of Natural Forest Management and Conservation
• N-Oxide Consequences of Tropical Deforestation
• Mahogany Regeneration Under Study in the Amazon
• Plantation Areas Listed (list of the 15 developing countries with most forest plantations, as presented in State of the Worlds Forests, 1997)
• World Bank Reviews their 1991 Forest Policy
• The Importance of Montane Forests Emphasized
• MAB Supports Mayan Forest Research
• Extent of Australia's Forests
• ITTO Fellowships Offered
• Native Tree Invasion Beneath Eucalyptus
• Teak Propagation in Vitro
• Mesquite Potential Touted
• Species Redundancy Recommended
• Publications: Free to ISTF Members
• Publications: New
• Meetings and Courses

September 1998 (Vol 19, No 3)

• Bacon Looks Ahead for Australia
• IUFRO's SPDC Program Reaffirm
• Tree/Crop Interaction Measured in China
• Nair Review Agroforestry Research
• Two New ISTF Student Chapters
• Presidents Corner (dues payment now by credit card)
• Canada Forest Congress
• Forest Policy Points
• Donovan on Certification
• Two Book Reviews
• Research Changes Envisioned
• Productive Role Seen for Planting Native Species
• Industrial Plantation Production Reviewed
• Jagels Assesses PROSPECT
• OTS Reviews its 35 Years
• PROSEFOR Produces Technical Notes
• Fallow Acceleration Studied
• Coordinated Action Prepared for Genetic Resources
• Impacts of Rondonia Conversion Measured
• Plantation Microclimate Studies
• New Publications
• Meetings and Courses

December 1998 (Vol 19, No 4)

• Teak Silviculture in Indonesia
• Macroecology of Amazon
• Roles of Women Emphasized
• SAF Tour to Brazil
• Teak Corporation Sought
• Rainforest Research Needs
• Private Sector Forestry
• Zobel Endowment Announced
• Legal Role Described
• Variation in Vochysia Wood
• Amazon Fragmentation
• Editorial
• Effects of Logging in Bird Communities
• False Ring Information in Teak
• Vazquez-Yanes Promotes Trema
• Logging Impacts on Birdlife Reported
• Perils of Biodiversity Sustainability Described
• Air Pollution Reduction in Mexico
• Consumer Reaction Explored
• Publications
• Meetings and Courses
• Bolivia Plans for Biodiversity
• Silvicultural Alternative for the Philippines Reported
• Nurse Crop Removal Successful in Indonesia
• CSIR Products Team Described
• Prosopis Seed Pretreatment Reviewed
• Fuelwood Supply Scheme Promoted
• Ecosystem Services Evaluated
• FAO Management Guidelines Published

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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