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News Notes by Tom Gill

  • Education -- includes scholarship and fellowship information for forestry & other related fields.
  • Positions Open -- a list of open positions that have been recently added (for members of ISTF only).


We will attempt to advertise job announcements as best we can on this Web site. First, contact the office of ISTF in Bethesda, MD, to see if your listing is appropriate for this site.

Please submit to Patricia Holmgren, webmaster@istf-bethesda,com, the following information:

Job title
Name and address of the contact person, including e-mail, postal mailing address and fax and telephone numbers; a short, three-sentence description of the job; and the date the job announcement closes.

We will automatically remove job notices after 90 days, unless otherwise requested.


Nos proponemos publicitar las ofertas de empleo de la mejor manera posible en este sitio electrónico. Como primera medida, sírvase tomar contacto con la oficina del ISTF en Washington, DC para determinar si su anuncio es adecuado para nuestro sitio.


Presentar a Patricia Holmgren, webmaster@istf-bethesda,com, la siguiente información en español y en inglés, por favor:


Título del puesto

Nombre y dirección de la persona encargada del procesamiento, incluyendo el correo electrónico, la dirección postal y los números de fax y teléfono.

Una descripción corta (en tres frases) del tipo de trabajo. La fecha límite para postular.

Las ofertas de empleo serán eliminadas automáticamente del sitio después de los 90 días, a menos que se solicite lo contrario.


Job Seekers:

We will attempt to advertise positions wanted as best we can on this Web site. Members of ISTF who wish to place a position wanted notice need to contact Patricia Heaton Holmgren, webmaster@istf-bethesda,com. There is no charge for ISTF members to place a brief, 50-word summary of their qualifications in 1 issue of the ISTF News and Noticias.

Please include your contact information, including name, postal address, e-mail address and fax and telephone numbers where you can be reached. Give us a brief, 50-word summary of your qualifications, skills and the type of position that you are seeking. Please include your availability.

Postings for positions wanted that are placed on this Web site will be automatically removed after 90 days unless otherwise requested.


Interesados en puestos de trabajo


Nos proponemos publicitar las ofertas de servicios de la mejor manera posible en este sitio electrónico. Los miembros del ISTF que deseen publicar una nota ofreciendo sus servicios deberán tomar contacto con Patricia Heaton Holmgren, webmaster@istf-bethesda,com . Los miembros del ISTF pueden publicar, de manera gratuita, avisos breves (resumen de 50 palabras de sus calificaciones) en un número del ISTF News y Noticias.


Sírvase incluir la información que permita contactarlo, incluyendo el nombre, dirección postal, correo electrónico y números de fax y teléfono. Proporcionar un breve resumen de sus calificaciones (50 palabras), habilidades y tipo de posición que está buscando. Incluir su disponibilidad.


Estos avisos serán eliminados automáticamente después de 90 días, a menos que se solicite expresamente lo contrario.

Status of the Consultants' Roster
The International Society of Tropical Foresters has eliminated the Consultants' Roster Service.  Richard Reid, an ISTF volunteer, established the roster in the mid-1990s and it was maintained by ISTF volunteer Bob Van Aken.  It was designed to match members with specific skills and knowledge with requests for consulting services. We found that much of the information in the electronic files was out of date and of questionable accuracy.  Many of the original members listed are no longer active, their availability is unknown, and addresses and telephone numbers are no longer accurate.  To bring the Roster to an acceptable level of reliability would have required starting over with a total review of the information in the database.  Since there were relatively few requests recently to use the roster, we felt it was time to look at other ways for providing this service.  In its place we have expanded our web site to include an area where members who are available for positions can post their availability and we can also post specific requests for consultant services or positions

Positions at ISTF The International Society of Tropical Foresters serves mainly as an information exchange for foresters and researchers in the tropical regions of the world. Our budget does not currently allow for on-the-ground programmes and projects. The office here in Bethesda Maryland is staffed mainly by 6 volunteers--whose work is invaluable to the organization. We have only one part-time, paid staff member.

El ISTF provee información a los ingenieros forestales e investigadores en las regions tropicales del mundo. No tenemos fondos para programas o proyectos propios. Nuestra oficina aquí en Bethesda, Maryland (EE-UU) opera con la ayuda voluntaria de seis personas y un empleado pagado, a tiempo parcial.

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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