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News Notes by Tom Gill

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  Special Reports/Informes Especiales
report #20Agriculture and Forestry: Drivers and future challenges, Sebastião Kengen
report #19Korea Forest Service: International InvolvementProf. Don Koo Lee, Dr. Marilyn Combalicer, Dr. Yong-Kwon Lee
report #18Capítulo Bolivia Boletín, Vol 3, Enero 2012
report #17The Importance of Indigenous Knowledge and Good Governance to Ensuring Effective Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessments, G'Nece Jones.
report #16The changing role of forestry in conservation and development: Why trees are good for Malawi. Jeffery Burley
report #15Planted Forests in the Neotropics, J.L. Whitmore.
report #14

Approaches to classifying and restoring degraded tropical forests for the anticipated REDD+ climate change mitigation mechanism. N. Sasaki, G.P. Asner, W. Knorr, P.B. Durst, H.R. Priyadi, and F.E. Putz.

report #13

New data shows REDD+ is succeeding. Doug Boucher

report #12

A Collaborative Programme for Sustainable Trade in Tropical Timber. Pei Sin Tong, Steven Johnson and Milena Sosa Schmidt

report #11

Certification helps to reduce biodiversity loss in the tropics.  The recent ETFRN News sheds light on biodiversity conservation in certified forests. F.E. Putz

report #10

 Capitulo Bolivia. Sociedad Internacional de Forestales Tropicales. Federico Bascopé Vargas.

report #9

 Tropical Deforestation and Global Warming: REDD-plus Policies in U.S. Legislation and International Negotiations. Doug Boucher.

report #8

The Unnecessary Rationality in the Forest. Martín Alfonso Mendoza.

La Innecesaria Racionalidad en el Bosque. Martín Alfonso Mendoza.

report #7

Early Growth and Physiological Characteristics of Planted Seedlings in La Mesa Dam Watershed, Philippines.  Marilyn S. Combalicer, Don Koo Lee, Su Young Woo, Yong Kwon Lee, and Youn Ho Jang.

report #6

Should We be Growing More Trees on Farms to Enhance the Sustainability of Agriculture and Increase Resilience to Climate Change? Roger R.B. Leakey.

report #5

Carbon Benefits from Avoiding and Repairing Forest Degradation, Francis E. Putz and Robert Nasi.

report #4

 Conserving carbon in tropical forests: pitfalls and possibilities, Francis E. Putz and Pieter A. Zuidema.

report #3

Forest Fires in the Insular Caribbean, A. Marcus J. Robbins, Claus-Martin Eckelmann and Maya Quiñones.

report #2

Management of teak plantations for solid wood products, William Ladrach.

Manejo de plantaciones de la teca para productos sólidos, William Ladrach.

report #1

The effects of fire in agriculture and forest ecosystems, William Ladrach. (This article is from the CD, "Fire Control in forests and wildlands," which is available free of charge. Contact ISTF for a copy.)

El efecto del fuego en los ecosistemas agrícolas y forestales, William Ladrach. (Esto artículo fue publicado en su CD: "Control de incendios en bosques y áreas silvestres," que está disponible en forma gratuita. Contacte a ISTF para solicitar copias.)

Special Reports Index by Authors report number (reports are in English, unless otherwise noted)
Asner, G.P. report #14 
Bascopé Vargas, Federico report #10  (en español)
report #18 (en español)
Boucher, Doug report #13 
report # 
Burley, Jefferyreport #16
Combalicer, Marilyn S.  report #7 
Durst, P.B. report #14 
Eckelmann, Claus-Martin report #3  
Johnson, Steven report #12  
Jones, G'Necereport #17
Kengen, Sebastiãoreport #19
Knorr, W. report #14  
Ladrach, William report #2 
report #1 
report #2
(en español)
report #1 
(en español)
Leakey, Roger R.B. report #6 
Lee, Don Koo report #7
report #19
Mendoza, Martín Alfonso report #8 
report #8  (en español)
Nasi, Robert report #5  
Pei, Sin Tong report #12  
Priyadi, H.R. report #14 
Putz, F.E. report #14  
report #11 
report #5 
report #4 
Quiñones, Maya  report #3 
Robbins, A. Marcus J.  report #3  
Sasaki, N. report #14  
Sosa Schmidt, Milena report #12 
Whitmore, J.L. report #15
Woo, Su Young  report #7  
Yong, Kwon Lee report #
 Youn, Ho Jang report #7  
Zuidema, Pieter #4  

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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