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News Notes by Tom Gill

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Note: By listing these sources of seeds and/or seedlings, ISTF does not necessarily endorse them. Interested persons are advised to obtain further information about these organizations and companies. Please contact Pat Holmgren at ISTF about listing your source or sources of tree seeds and seedlings. Submissions made in both the English and Spanish languages are greatly appreciated. We encourage reporting any broken links or suggestions regarding the web site.

Clube da Semente The objective of this institution is to rescue species that are threatened by extinction and to make them accessible to people who desire to plant them. The work consists of the collection of seeds that are directed for diverse ends, such as conservation, research and creation of fisheries. Environmental education also is one of the focuses of the ONG, with distribution of brochures with seeds and instructions on planting and care.

Danida Forest Seed Centre (DFSC) is a Danish non-profit institute financed by Danida.   The goal of DFSC is to improve the livelihood of people in developing countries by growing trees.


Danida Forest Seed Centre,

Krogerupvej 21, DK-3050 Humlebaek, Denmark

Tel: +45-49 19 05 00; Fax: +45-49 16 02 58.

E-mail: <>; Web site: <>

The Danida Forest Seed Centre has now merged into the new Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning. The Centre’s international program includes environmental activities in the developing world and in Eastern Europe. If you want a copy of their newsletter, go to or contact Melita F. Jorgensen at (Forest and Landscape Denmark, Hoersholm Kongevej 11, DK-2970 Hoersholm, Denmark) to be put on the mailing list.

CATIE, Latin American Tree Seed Bank

Sources of seed: our own, or acquired from top quality, certified, and identified by source.

CATIE has more than 100 C. odorata and S. macrophylla plus trees selected from Yucatan up to Bolivia.  We have already started works of reproduction of the best clones and in the future we hope to have clone material of the clones identified as superior for sale. Forest Seed Bank
CATIE 7170
Cartago, Turrialba 30501
Costa Rica
Headquarters Tel: (506) 2558 2372/ 2558 2374, Fax: (506) 2558 2052
bsf[at], secrebsf[at]

ECHO - ECHO’s seedbank contains about 450 varieties of hard-to-find vegetables, multi-purpose trees, fruits, and other tropical crops. These plants hold special potential for producing under difficult conditions — where it is too dry, too wet, or too hilly for most crops. Much of the seed is grown on the ECHO farm. ECHO sends free, trial packets of seeds to overseas development leaders, who report performance and acceptance of the plants.

17391 Durrance Road
North Ft. Myers, FL 33917, USA

Phone: 239-543-3246
Fax: 239-543-5317

E-mail: <>
Web site:

E.A.R.T.H. - Agriculture School for the Troical Moist Region - Integrated academic foest farm; EARTH University, Costa Rica. For available seedlings, as of June 2003:  [MSWord]   [PDF]


For information, contact:

Carlos Sandi

Apartado Postal 4442-1000

San Jose, Costa Rica


Tel: 713-0000

Fax: 713-0001

E-mail: <>

Forestry Association of Botswana--Lekgotla la Temo Ditlhare.  They have both an assortment of indigenous trees seedlings and exotic tree seedlings. 


Postal address:

P.O. Box 21456

Bontleng, Gabarone



Tel/Fax: 599018/71768540.


Physical address: Kanye-Gaborone Highway on your right-hand side from Gaborone just before Kolobeng River, Kumakwane village.

Future Forests Nursery
P.O. Box 847

Kailua Kona, HI 96745

Phone: 808-325-2377

Fax: 808-325-2836
E-mail: <>

Gautam Global - The Seed Collectors <>
34 Old Cannought Place
Dehra Dun - 248001

Fax:91-135-651108 / 650944.
E-mail: <> or <>.
Directory of Tree Seed Suppliers in Indonesia. <>.
KEFRI-Kenya Forestry Research Institute Tree Seed Programme--<>  Availability of quality seed is key to plantation forests development and tree planting by farmers in Kenya.
National Tree Seed Laboratory  The mission of the National Tree Seed Laboratory is to assist in providing a quality start for global reforestation. The National Tree Seed Laboratory, operated by the USDA Forest Service, is the only facility of its kind. It began as a regional facility in 1951 and now serves the entire nation and many international clients.

5675 Riggins Mill Rd
Dry Branch, GA 31020

Phone: (478) 751-3551

Web site: <>

The New Forests Project (NFP) is a direct-action program established in 1982 by the International Center in an effort to curb deforestation in developing countries. Since 1982, they have assisted more than 4400 villages in over 120 countries. NFP offers packets of tree seeds, technical information and training materials free of charge to groups of small farmers and civil society groups worldwide who are interested in starting reforestation projects with fast-growing, nitrogen–fixing trees. These include: Acacia auriculiformis, Acacia mearnsii, Acacia nilotica, Acacia tortillis, Albizia lebbeck,  Cajanus cajan,  Cassia siamea, Dalbergia sissoo, Gleditsia triacanthos inermis, Gliricidia sepium,  Leucaena leucocephala,  Prosopis juliflora, and Robinia psuedocacia.For more information or to receive a reforestation packet, contact:

The New Forest Project
731 Eighth Street SE FAX: 1-202-546-4748
Washington, DC 20003

United States


Tel: 1-202-547-3800 ext. 110 or 111

E-mail: <>

PROFAFOR -- Forest Seeds <>
To obtain forest plantations of high quality they have at your immediate disposition seeds from selected sources of: Pino (Pinus radiata y P.patula), Eucalipto (Eucalyptus globulus y Eucalyptus saligna), Teca (Tectona grandis). Furthermore they can import seeds of close to 100 different forest species, which according to requirement can be delivered in a maximal period of 2 weeks.

Management and evaluation of sources of forest seeds:
Their technical team participated in the design of a methodology to evaluate and classify the applied sources in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Colombia.
They are qualified to identify, classify, qualify, evaluate and give practical advice for a good source management, with the objective to obtain seeds of high quality.

El Semillero--El semillero …su aliado forestal

Calle 70A No. 14A-45

Bogotá - Colombia
Sitio diseñado por:

Telefax: (571) 3 473760 - 2173259 - 2483535

Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetic Resources -- RNGR. A web site was developed by the technical specialists of the Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetic Resources (RNGR) program (United States, Department of Agriculture, Forest Service). Their mission is to supply people who grow forest and conservation seedlings with the very latest technical information, and to provide links to other organizations and individuals with similar interests. Publications are available. Web site:
SETRO, S. de R.L. is a privately owned company, located in Siguatepeque, Honduras, Central America. (SETRO stands for Semillas Tropicales which means Tropical Seeds). Its current owner, Oscar Ochoa, established SETRO in 1992 following the new policy of the Honduran government concerning the forestry sector. The core-business of SETRO is producing and selling seeds. SETRO has specialised in seeds from trees of moderate to tropical climate such as the following:

Nitrogen fixing species
Forage species
Seeds for Agroforestry
Seed of Ornamental tree species
Tropical and temperate Coniferous seed species
Seeds of fast growing trees
Seeds of trees for firewood

SETRO sells also additional products for the forestry sector such as inoculates for several tropical seeds and nursery products and materials.

Residencial Los Angeles
3 Ave. 5 Calle, S.O.
P.O. Box: 116
Siguatepeque, Honduras, C.A.
Tels: (504) 773-0767 /773-4827
Fax: (504) 773-0767
E-mail: <>


Other Information


Tree Seed Toolkit, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).

Woody Plant Seed Manual -- <>

The numerous advances in tree seed technology in the last quarter-century have now dictated the publication of a new revision, named the Woody Plant Seed Manual <>. The revision processed by a team of Forest Service scientists and cooperators from universities and other government agencies has now been underway for over 6 years. The book will contain almost 1,300 taxa in 230 genera, a considerable increase in the scope of the 1974 handbook. Because such a large undertaking the finished product is still many months away from release. In order to make the new technology available as soon as possible, a decision was made to post completed portions of the book on an interim website.
Tropical Tree Seed Manual -- <> Author J.A. Vosso.
Published 2003/02/01
Request for Information
The Nursery Technology Cooperative at Oregon State University is starting an International Registry of Forest Nurseries. The cooperative would like to know the names and addresses of every forest nursery in the tropics! They hope to publish a registry for international use in the next few years. If your organization or nursery would like to participate, please send the name and address of the forest nursery to:

Dr. Robin Rose, Directory, Nursery Technology Cooperative
College of Forestry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97330
Fax: 541-737-1393

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News Notes by Tom Gill

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